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DBSurf Struct Reference

#include <surdef.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

*********************** BCONE **********************************!

*********************** DBSurf *********************************!

Definition at line 130 of file surdef.h.

Public Attributes

BBOX box_su
short fnt_su
DBHeader hed_su
gmflt lgt_su
short ngseg_su [6]
short ngu_su
short ngv_su
int nku_su
int nkv_su
short nu_su
short nv_su
DBptr pcpts_su
DBptr pcsy_su
DBptr pgseg_su [6]
DBptr pkvu_su
DBptr pkvv_su
DBptr ptab_su
short typ_su
int uorder_su
int vorder_su

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